Fuck CBT. I’m gonna take a double dose of klonopin and pass the fuck out 💊💊

Im supposed to stay up until 1 and I’m already tired. Send me asks!!!!

My computer is fucked! Only mobile blogging until I get it fixed :((((

I’m not allowed to sleep for another 3 hours but I’m so tired how even

Anonymous asked:

You are kinda thin again... i just wanted you to know that ive been following you for like 6 months now i guess??? and i jjst wanted you to know that somebody out here cares about you and i think you are always beautiful but i think that your health (phisical and mental) its very important. anyway, be happy and drink lots of water xoxox

Thank you for the lovely message. I have lost some weight because between the benzos and the amphetamines my psych has me on I have like no appetite. But I still have a bmi above 18.5, so I’m healthy. I haven’t been restricting/purging, I’ve been taking all of my vitamins and drinking lots of water. Thank you for the concern. You’re sweet <3